Set a Watch

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Stan Reeves

If you have your own computer with Internet access, I want to strongly encourage you to consider using a filtering service or filtering software. Pornography and other evils are so rampant on the Internet now that I consider this as necessary a tool in most circumstances as anti-virus software and spam blockers. Let me quote from

I've been happy with a product called Bsafe ONLINE. You install it on your PC, and it serves as a "gatekeeper" for your web browsing and use of other applications that can access porn and expose children to unsavory people and ideas. This service is $50/year. For $70/year, you can get this service plus an anti-virus package and spam blocking.

If you're interested in subscribing, they offer existing customers a $20 referral bonus. If any of you subscribe using my referral link, the referral bonus will be donated to Founders Ministries. To find out more and get a free 10-Day Trial, please CLICK HERE.

Unfortunately, this service isn't available to Mac users. I've also found a similar service called WiseChoice that also serves Mac users.

There's another service you may be interested in called Covenant Eyes. Covenant Eyes isn't a filter; instead, it reports your browsing history to an accountability partner. It costs $75/year. This would be more appropriate for someone who chooses to fight this temptation primarily by growing in self-control rather than by technology. This can be a good choice for an adult who is dealing with an ordinary level of temptation in this area. However, I think it may be a poor choice for someone who has a serious pornography problem. I also believe it's a poor choice where children are concerned, partially because of their immaturity in self-control and partially because there is such a high probability of inadvertently stumbling into stuff that could potentially be very damaging to a child.

For those who can't afford the monthly fees, there are some free alternatives that you might consider. We-blocker is a free web-blocker page. X3watch is a free accountability program. Both of these are Windows-only packages.