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January 2007 Release of By His Grace and For His Glory

March 2006 Update on Hurricane Relief Efforts

September 2, 2005 Hurricane Relief Update

April 19, 2005 News Update

April 13, 2005 News Update

August 2004 Hurricane



Essentials and Distinctives (Part 1) Tom Ascol

Essentials and Distinctives (Part 2) Tom Ascol

Essentials and Distinctives (Part 3) Tom Ascol

Essentials and Distinctives (Part 4) Tom Ascol


Responding Biblically to Disasters Tom Ascol


The Importance of Historical Christianity Roy Hargrave


Set a Watch Stan Reeves

Music and Worship Resources

Feature Hymn (February / March 2005): Looking Always Unto Jesus

Feature Hymn (April / May 2005): In Thy Name, O Lord, Assembling

Feature Hymn (June / July 2005): Sovereign Grace O'er Sin Abounding

Feature Hymn (October 2005): O Spirit, Now We Thank You

Feature Hymn (Nov / Dec 2005): The Drop That Grew into a Torrent

Feature Hymn (March 2006): Thy Works, Not Mine, O Christ

Feature Hymn (April 2006): The Reign of Grace

Feature Hymn (July 2006): Come Boldly to the Throne of Grace