Friday, December 14, 2007

Help plant churches in Missouri

Darren Casper is the Director for church planting in the St. Louis Metro Association of Baptist churches in Missouri. He has contacted me to let me know about a way that people can assist those church planters whose funds from the Missouri Baptist Convention will be cut off January 1, 2008 (18 days from now) because of a decision made on December 10, 2007.

These church planters have been screened and approved by the North American Mission Board as well as the Missouri Baptist Convention. Because of their affiliation with Acts 29, their promised funding is being cut. If you would like to assist those church planters during this time of unanticipated shortfall, you can send a check made out to:
St. Louis Metro Baptist Association
(designate it for the "Show Me Church Planting Fund")

Mailing address:

St. Louis Metro Bapt. Assoc.
attn. Darren Casper
3859 Fee Fee Road
Bridgeton, Mo. 63044

You may contact Darren at 314-571-7579, extension 103.
This is a great opportunity. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the Lord stirred up the hearts of individuals and churches to more than make up the deficit that these cuts will entail? I will be contributing and I encourage others to do so as well.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Missouri Baptists axe Acts 29

Scott Lamb lets the word out on a decision by the Missouri Baptist Convention's Executive Board that establishes "a 'no-partnership with Acts 29' rule for MBC church plants." Scott is not privy to all of the details, yet, but has enough information to know that churches that affiliate with Acts 29 will be judged unworthy of support from MBC church planting funds. This hardly seems like a kingdom focus regarding church planting, does it?

Recently I read research from Ed Stetzer done for the North American Mission Board that indicated that only 68% of church plants are still in existence after 4 years. I wonder what that rate is for Acts 29 network churches?

Perhaps the MBC Exec Board has good, theological reasons for rejecting the Acts 29 network of churches in toto. If so, then I wish they would show me, and not simply resort to the tired and hackneyed response of "trust us, we know what is best for you." Missouri Baptists should not let this decision go unexamined. Neither should they settle for superficial rationales. At a time when we need to become more aggressive and purposeful in planting gospel churches throughout our land, this type of action seems more provincial than evangelical.

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