Friday, March 27, 2009

Reconsidering Calvin and Calvinism

The latest Founders Journal is out and the theme is "Reconsidering Calvin and Calvinism." The articles in this issue should disabuse any honest reader of history or theology of the caricatures that so often are promoted about the man and the views that are usually associated with his name. In this, the 500th anniversary of his birth, Calvin deserves an honest reassessment of hi life and teachings. This issue of the FJ hopes to make a modest contribution to that.

The full contents of each issue of the Founders Journal is place online about 6 months after its publication. You can subscribe to the journal to have it delivered to you as soon via snail mail as it comes out by going to the subscription page of our website and signing up. The journal is published quarterly and the annual subscription is only $20.00 ($25.00 outside the USA).

Following is a lineup of the contents of the current issue:
  • "Calvin the Evangelist" by Frank James III
  • "Calvin the Calvinist" by Erroll Hulse
  • "Calvin and the Atonement" by Tom Ascol
  • "Calvin on Missions" by Michael Haykin
  • "John and Idelette Calvin" by Michael and Victoria Haykin

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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Other Resurgence - FJ 71

The theme of the latest Founders Journal (71) is "the other resurgence." It contains articles by Tom Nettles and Christian George, representing the "old guard" of the reformation efforts within the SBC and the rising generation who is similarly committed to those efforts.

Dr. Nettles needs no introduction to most of the readers of this blog. His teaching and writing ministries have been blessed of God to call many back to our biblical and historical roots as Southern Baptists. His book, By His Grace and For His Glory (recently revised, updated and republished by Founders Press) has never even been seriously engaged, much less refuted by those who lament the resurgence of the doctrines of grace among Baptists over the last 25 years. It is a classic work. Tom's article in this issue of the Founders Journal is entitled, "Why Your Next Pastor Should Be a Calvinist." I highly recommend it.

Christian George is the son of Dr. Timothy George, Dean of Beeson Divinity School in Birmingham, Alabama. Christian is also an author (his latest book is Sex, Sushi and Salvation) and is about to being working on a PhD at St. Andrews. His article is entitled, "Younger Evangelicals and a Restlessness for Revival." It reveals the heartbeat of the twentysomethings that are hungry for authentic Christianity.

My editorial in this issue of the FJ looks at the "Calvinistic Resurgence" in light of the "Conservative Resurgence" and makes two points. First, the latter did not occur without significant controversy, which makes the makes the castigations against the doctrines of grace and those who believe them as being "controversial" lose their force (especially when they come from the very controversialists who led the charge in the 1st CR). Second, despite all of the good that was done in the 1st CR, by and large, the Southern Baptist Convention is in need of dramatic renewal in our day. Arguably, our churches are worse off today than they were in 1979.

We place every issue of the Founders Journal online about 6 months after they are published in print. This long-standing policy inevitably decreases the number or print subscribers that we have, but it furthers the goal of Founders Ministries, which is to work for the recovery of the Gospel and the reformation of local churches everywhere.

If you are not a subscriber to the journal, this would be a great time to become one. You may sign up by going here.

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