Monday, January 19, 2009

Pray for Lakeshore Baptist Church

Pastor Don Elbourne has reported that the Hancock County Planning and Zoning Board recently voted to require Lakeshore Baptist Church to remove all temporary structures from their property by May 31st. Under Don's leadership, the church has been responding to the needs of that community in Waveland, Mississippi since it was hit by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Though the church lost all of its structures, it has delayed rebuilding them, choosing rather to meet in temporary structures, so that they could help rebuild homes in their community.

For the last 3.5 years, they have stayed with that effort and have coordinated thousands of volunteers and marshaled untold amounts of money to help people get back on their feet by supplying food, clothing, supplies and shelter in the Name of Jesus. One of the neighbor's who has been blessed by these efforts is Mrs. Redford. Watch her testimony here.

Pray for Pastor Elbourne and the church as they seek to respond with wisdom and Gospel-grace to this ruling. If you are able to support their efforts financially, let me encourage you to do so. Though the board's decision may cause Lakeshore to take a different approach to its ministry in the community, they will no doubt continue to need volunteers to come assist in the rebuilding effort. Our church has sent 3 teams and each group has come back wanting to return. Consider going to lend a hand. It is a worthy effort, and the Gospel is going forth in word and deed.

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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Help Lakeshore rebuild after Gustav

Pastor Don Elbourne has been faithfully shepherding his congregation and serving his community in "rebuilding Lakeshore" since Hurricane Katrina three years ago. The Lakeshore, Waveland Mississippi area took a direct hit from that storm. This week, Hurricane Gustav took its toll on many of the facilities that have been instrumental in the rebuilding efforts coordinated by the church.

For more information and photos of some of the damage go here.

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