Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Gospel and Founders Ministries

From its inception 26 years ago, Founders Ministries has been concerned about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We want to see the Gospel recovered and proclaimed far and wide. Our conviction is that the Gospel is what unbelievers need to be saved and what believers need to stay saved. In other words, what God has done for us in Jesus Christ is essential not only for our regeneration and justification, but also for our sanctification and glorification. We never advance beyond the Gospel.

The following video was put together by my daughter, Rebecca, as a tool to help introduce Founders Ministries to folks who don't know about us. It was supposed to be included in a presentation I recently gave to some business and ministry leaders, but was inadvertently left out. God overruled that glitch to enable me simply to preach the Gospel to those present, for which I was very grateful.

But the video does express something of the heartbeat of Founders, and it is worth sharing.


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