Founders Fraternals Announcement

Ministerial Gatherings to Advance the Reformation of Our Churches and to Encourage Spiritual Vitality Among Our Pastors

In the last few years the Southern Baptist Convention has declared its commitment to the inerrant Word. Among those most interested in this return to the Word are those church leaders who participate in the annual Southern Baptist Founders Conference held each summer in Birmingham, Alabama begun in 1983. Regional Founders Conferences are springing up in various sections of the United States. Many connect with the Founders movement through the Founders Journal, the Founders Web Site ( or through the published works of the Founders Ministries. Founders Youth camps are making an impact in our young people as well.

Founders Ministries is designed to help churches understand and return to the faith and practice of their forebears. Among those great truths are the Doctrines of Grace, the reformed understanding of how the Sovereign God elected, redeemed, regenerates, and preserves His own. The truths we espouse are those held by our great leaders of the past: Charles Spurgeon, William Carey, Andrew Fuller, John A. Broadus, Basil Manly, John L. Dagg, James P. Boyce, Lottie Moon, and a long line of others. These truths are articulated in such Baptist documents as the 1689 London Baptist Confession, the Abstract of Principles, and the Baptist Catechism.

The idea for Founders Fraternals emerged from the growing interest among pastors to have ongoing fellowship with like-minded brethren who long for doctrinal and spiritual renewal in their congregations and personal lives. In response to many requests, the Founders Fraternal concept has been created to help facilitate this fellowship.