Updating Your Founders Fraternal Information

If you are the designated contact for a Founders fraternal, you can upload information regarding your fraternal, including announcements, summaries of talks, directions to your meetings, etc.
  • Go to Interface to Website Files to upload or change files.
  • Your main page should have a file name of index.htm or index.html or index.txt. This can be an announcement page, a list of links to other files in your web folder, or links to off-site pages.
  • You can create an index.htm in Word or WordPerfect simply by typing up a document and then selecting Save As... under the File menu. Then select the File type to be HTML and the File name to be index.htm. Please do not ask for help from the webmaster in creating HTML files. If you don't feel comfortable with it, just create plain-text files as index.txt.
  • If your main page is a plain text file (not saved as HTML), you should name it index.txt.