Founders Journal



Mission 150 Needs Your Support

Mission 150-the planned effort to prepare and mail a special issue of the Founders Journal to every Pastor in the Southern Baptist Convention in 1994-95-is gaining support. This project is being planned to coincide with the sesquicentennial anniversary of the SBC in 1995. Articles will address the theological history and heritage of our denomination. To date, over $21,000 has been contributed to this effort. The projected cost for Mission 150 is $50-60,000. It is hoped that more churches and individuals will agree that this effort is worthy of prayerful and financial support. One excellent way for this to be done is for Pastors to explain the potential of this project to their congregations and to encourage them to pray diligently for it. Also, several churches have already taken up special offerings for Mission 150, and others have pledged to do so. Some churches are sponsoring particular associations or whole state conventions (It is estimated that $1.25 will cover the production cost and distribution of one of these special journals to one Pastor.). Inquiries regarding this effort are encouraged and should be directed to the editor at the Founders Journal address.

Al Mohler Elected President of Southern Seminary

Dr. Al Mohler, editor of the Christian Index, news journal of Georgia Baptists, was elected as the new President of Southern Seminary by a 46-5 vote of the trustees. Trustee Chairman, Wayne Allen, cited Mohler's unabashed commitment to the Abstract of Principles-the seminary's statement of faith-as the reason for the five votes against him. Dr. Mohler is quoted as declaring, "The Abstract is where we stand, and I intend to stand there substantively."