Founders Journal



Dr. Ascol,

First, let me say that the Founders Journal has been a real blessing to me. I am encouraged that other Southern Baptists see the error in the "man-centered" theology that pervades most Southern Baptist churches today. We are right to call our brothers and sisters back to the doctrines of our founders, because their doctrines were centered around the power and mercy of God. If we, as Southern Baptists, are going to truly honor God and re-energize the local church, we must preach and teach the Doctrines of Grace!

Secondly, I am convicted of the need to bring back church discipline. The fact that Bill Clinton is a member of a Southern Baptist Church in good standing shows how far we have gotten away from God's provisions for maintaining the spiritual health of the local congregation.

Again, thank God for the Founders Ministry and I look forward to receiving the Founders Journal for many, many more years. May God bless you all.

In the Love of Christ,
I. M., via e-mail