Founders Journal


Founders Journal · Summer 2001 · p. 22

Sovereign God

This anthem was recorded by the Faithful Men of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary on the CD, TrustinGod.

        Take me, a fallen one of Adam's race.
There is no claim I have upon His grace.
I could almost feel the eternal rod,
Were it not for the mercy of our Sovereign God.

Unclouded vision of eternity,
His complete salvation still a mystery.
Pruner of all men, potter of all sod,
We must trust the omniscience of our Sovereign God.

Lord, let the price you paid, price you paid on Calvary
Be my atonement for iniquity.
Now to some the shake, now to some the nod,
It is all in the pleasure of our Sovereign God.

If birds were free to fly, free to fly on broken wing,
Could man then come unbidden to the King?
Could he e'er resist, would he ne'er respond
Once the call comes a ringing from our Sovereign God?

Proud children bearing witness to the Son,
Safe to the finish when the race is run.
Stand before the King where the saints forever trod,
Perseverance eternal in our sovereign God.

Sovereign God. Sovereign God.
There is great salvation in the saving blood.
Through the Son of Man and the Spirit's prod,
Grace abides in the presence of our Sovereign, Sovereign God.

Man's sinful heart could never understand.
Salvation's plan is not at our command.
But when the Spirit comes to you and me,
We can humbly choose the cross of Calvary.

© Copyright 2000 Scott Taylor. Used by permission.