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Rockport Baptist Church
3761 Telegraph Rd
Arnold, MO 63010
Phone: 636.464.1460
Church affiliation: Southern Baptist Convention
Church confession: Abstract of Principles
Contact: S. Scott Lee, Lead Pastor
Web page:
     Rockport Baptist Church is joyfully reformed in it's faith and practicer. In the Fall of 2000 we adopted a new Confession of Faith based on the Abstract of Principles and a church covenant which reflects a high view of biblical church membership and church discipline. Our polity could be described as "elder-led congregationalism." The pastor-elders and leadership joyfully affirm the Doctrines of Grace. We are seeking to "make disciples" by teaching the Word of God as clearly and consistently as possible. We believe God has called us to be a world mission's center, "proclaiming God's Free Grace for the Joy of All Who Believe." We are involved in missions ministries of various kinds from jail ministry, to partnering with the IMB, HeartCry Missionary Society, Psalm 67 Missions Network, etc. Our prayer is to be used by God to bring glory to His name by declaring his gospel both to the unbelieving world and to the unbelieving and confused church of this age. Semper Reformanda!! Soli Deo Gloria!

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