Interface to Website Files

You may perform any of several functions on your website files using this form. All of these functions require a password.
Account Name:
Once you have filled in your Account Name and Password, do not click a button until you have selected one of the operations below and filled in the appropriate fields. Then click the button for that operation.


New password:
New password again:


Transfer your files to directly from your computer. (Some browsers don't support this option.)
How to Browse to Select a Local File to Upload
Local file:
Destination file name:
Note: To upload file bar.gif to a subdirectory foo, call the destination file name foo/bar.gif.
Warning: If the file already exists in your directory, it will be overwritten!


File to be deleted:
Warning: The DELETE action cannot be undone if you press the DELETE button.


Subdirectory name:
Note: All directories above the specified subdirectory must exist. If you want to make stuff1/substuff1, then you must make stuff1 first. Then, to upload file substuff1 to a subdirectory stuff1, use the upload feature and call the destination file name stuff1/substuff1.


Old file name: New file name:
Warning: If a file with the new name already exists in your directory, it will be overwritten!