Explore the Bible Teacher Helps 2013-2014

These helps are provided as a service of Founders Ministries to teachers who use the LifeWay Explore the Bible Sunday School curriculum. They are currently being written by Dr. Tom J. Nettles, Professor of Historical Theology at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, KY.

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John 1–11 | John 12–21 | Proverbs, Song of Songs | Ezekiel, Daniel

Unit 1: The Word from Eternity
September 01 John 1:1-5,9-14,16-18 God Revealed
September 08 John 1:29-36,40-42a,45-51 Jesus Identified
September 15 John 2:1-16 Authority Acknowledged
September 22 John 3:1-16 Salvation Offered (*)
Unit 2: The Word with Power
September 29 John 4:1-15,25-26 The Power to Give Life
October 06 John 4:39-54 The Power to Save (*)
October 13 John 5:2-3a,6-17 The Power to Heal
October 20 John 6:5-11,26-31,47-51 The Power to Meet Needs
Unit 3: The Word for Challenging Situations
October 27 John 7:14-18,25-31,33-36 Asking Questions About Jesus?
November 03 John 8:12,15-18,23-27,42-47 Wondering About Judgment?
November 10 John 9:8-11,13-17,35-41 Doubting Jesus' Power?
November 17 John 10:1-5,7-10,14-18,25-30 Feeling Insecure?
November 24 John 11:21-27,33-44 Dealing with Death?
Unit 1: The Way of Costly Discipleship
December 01 John 12:24-33,35-36,44-48 Live Selflessly
December 08 John 13:12-20,33-38 Serve Humbly
December 15 John 14:1-14,27-29 Believe Exclusively (*)
December 22 Luke 1: 30-35,38,46-49; 2:4-7 Celebrate Jesus at Christmas! (Christmas)
December 29 John 15:1-17 Stay Open and Obedient
January 05 John 15:26–16:15 Depend on the Spirit
January 12 John 17:1-8,20-26 Honor Jesus
Unit 2: The Way of God's Forgiveness
January 19 Psalm 139:1-10,13-16,23-24 Value Every Life! (**)
January 26 John 18:1-6,17-24 Our Messiah: Abused!
February 02 John 18:33–19:3,9-11 Our King: Condemned!
February 09 John 19:23-30,38-42 Our Savior: Crucified! (*)
Unit 3: The Way of Victorious Living
February 16 John 20:15-23,26-29 Live in Resurrection Power
February 23 John 21:3-7a,15-17,20-23 Follow with Renewed Purpose
Unit 1: Value Wisdom and Learn
March 02 Prov. 1:1-19 Seek Wisdom's Way
March 09 Prov. 1:33; 2:5-12,16,20-22; 3:1-8 Learn Wisdom's Benefits
March 16 Prov. 8:1-6,17-21,32-36; 9:12-18 Listen to Wisdom's Invitation (*)
Unit 2: Apply Wisdom and Live
March 23 Selected Proverbs Guard Your Speech
March 30 Selected Proverbs Don't Be a Slacker
April 06 Selected Proverbs Exercise Financial Responsibility
April 13 Selected Proverbs Forge Godly Friendships
April 20 Mark 15:16-20,33-34,37-39; 16:1-8 Be Amazed by the Resurrection (* Easter)
April 27 Selected Proverbs Avoid Alcohol and Drug Abuse
May 04 Prov. 5:3-14,20-23; 6:23-24,27-29,32-34 Live in Moral Purity
May 11 Prov. 31:10-21 Treasure Mothers
Unit 3: Embrace Wisdom and Love
May 18 Song of Sg. 1:7-8,15–2:2,15; 4:9-12 Righteous Romance
May 25 Song of Sg. 5:6,8-10; 6:1-3; 8:5-7 Invest in the Best
Unit 1: Crisis of Faith
June 01 Ezekiel 1:1-3; 1:28–2:5; 6:7-10 When Your World Crumbles
June 08 Ezekiel 8:3b-4,10-12; 14:1-6 When Idols Tug at Your Heart
June 15 Ezekiel 18:1-4,21-23,25-27,30-32 When You Want to Blame Other (*)
June 22 Ezekiel 24:15-27 When Tragedy Hits Home
June 29 Ezekiel 28:1-5,11-13a,14-19 When Pride Turns to Greed
Unit 2: Hopeful Faith
July 06 Ezekiel 34:2b-6,11-16,22-24 Hope of New Freedom
July 13 Ezekiel 37:1-3,11-14,23-28 Hope of New Life (*)
July 20 Ezekiel 43:1-12 Hope of New Worship
Unit 3: Radical Faith
July 27 Daniel 1:3-6,8-9,11-21 Draw the Line
August 03 Daniel 3:1,8-12,15b-18,24-25,28 Risk Everything for God
August 10 Daniel 5:1-6,16-17,23c-28 Tell It Like It Is
August 17 Daniel 6:3-7,10-11,16-23 Never Give Up on Prayer
August 24 Daniel 7:7-18 Live to Win in the End
August 31 Daniel 9:20-27; 12:9-13 Be Ready for Tribulation
* Evangelistic Lesson
** Sanctity of Human Life Lesson
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