A Faithful Life


Sunday School Lesson for December 29, 2002


John 15:18-25; 16:1-4



Note: Due to schedule constraints over the Christmas holidays the lesson outlines for December 29 and January 5 will consist of suggestions for application only.  The regular outlines will resume with the lesson for January 12. May our Lord richly bless you and yours during this season of Advent!


Major Themes for Application and Reflection


One:  Based upon our study of John’s gospel, how would you describe his unique use of the term “world”?  Be careful to observe how this same word is used in his epistles as well.  Having defined this term reflect upon the following questions (see 15:18-19) and support your conclusions with appropriate Scripture:








Two:  Look carefully at Jesus’ words in 15:20.  Here the Lord virtually guarantees that His followers will know the sting of persecution and tribulation.  How does this pronouncement by Christ impact. . . .






Three:   Compare Jesus’ words in 15:22 with Paul’s statement in Romans 1:18-20.  Reflect upon these questions:






Four:   Examine the explicit words of Jesus in 15:23.  Taking the immediate context into consideration, how would you define the word “hates”?  That is, what does it mean to hate Jesus and the Father? 



Five:  In 15:27 Jesus exhorts His disciples to bear witness of Him in the power of the Holy Spirit—“And you must also testify. . . . .”  Is this statement meant only for the original Twelve, or is there a legitimate application for modern believers as well?